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Melbourne APEC Finance Quarterly #9

Features the financialization of microcredit today, how a credit union, has turned sustainability into a key business strategy and regulatory reforms under G-20.


Trans-Pacific Partnership Reception

Delegates for the the 1st round of discussions for the Trans-Pacific Partnership met in March.


Melbourne APEC Finance Quarterly #8

Our latest newsletter is now available, featuring articles on bank liquidity changes, Islamic finance, the role of bankers, and how changes to the tax system relate to risk.


Melbourne APEC Finance Quarterly #7

Our latest newsletter addressing contemporary issues impacting the global economy as well as comparing the effectiveness of pension schemes in 11 countries is now available.


Enhancing Risk Management and Governance in the Region’s Banking System

Papers and presentations from this capacity buidling training program held recently in Shanghai are now available.


Capacity Building Training Program

MAFC in collaboration with China's AFDC is to deliver a program for APEC officials in banking risk management in Shanghai.


15th APEC Finance Ministers Meeting

The Joint Ministerial Statement reiterates its commitment to free and open trade and investment and advocates coordinated action by economies in response to the GFC.


Symposium: Australia's Open Investment Future

A major symposium to be held in Melbourne will look at the Australian investment climate, motivations behind foreign investment, the players, their objectives and the barriers they face.


Determinants of investment flows for APEC

In this presentation by the Australian Treasury's Paul Kennelly, barriers to foreign direct investment and local investment in APEC economies are addressed.


Melbourne APEC Finance Quarterly - Issue 4

This latest edition asks how companies should respond to an emissions trading regime, where the world and Australian economies are heading in the current turmoil, and what business needs to do to attract corporate finance during a credit crunch.


Market reforms in pension systems

Professor Kim Dietrich of USC raises the question of what policy goals are relevant to the design of an optimal pension system under a range of circumstances.


Soveriegn Wealth Funds (SWFs)

Ken Waller addresses some of the key issues arising from the expansion of SWFs and international responses to them in this paper written for ABAC.


Melbourne APEC Finance Quarterly - Issue 3

What age should Australian's be eligible for the pension? Which countries are companies offshoring their activities to? These issues and more in the latest edition.


Private Retirement Plans in Selected APEC Economies

Research from Mercer produced for MAFC's Pensions and Funds Dialogue is summarised in this presentation given by David Knox.


Asia-Pacific Dialogue outcomes

Eighty delegates from across the region were in Melbourne recently to discuss the rapid growth in private pensions and funds managment. Discussion papers are also available.


Melbourne APEC Finance Quarterly - Issue 2

What does the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act mean to business? How should regulators respond to the sub-prime crisis? These issues and more in the latest edition.


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